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My name is Lacy and I am the owner of Mystique and creator of Haven. I am a Witch and have been diagnosed with multiple Autoimmune Diseases and Genetic Disorders. I have two freaking adobale children who also drive me a bit bonkers. I am a Sailors wife and have also rescued two cats and three dogs.

I am a forever student because I have a crazy thirst for knowlege and I want to experience all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I love spending quality time with loved ones and also having meaningful conversations with complete strangers LOL!

Music is absolutely mood changing and I feel it with every ounce of my being. I cry easily at movies and commercials that tug on my heart strings. Creating things that make people happy makes my heart smile.

My cinematic taste ranges from Earnest P. Worrell to 300 to Hello Dolly. Yup, I can switch from “Yellowstone“ to "What We Do in the Shadows,” no problem. Anything that makes me laugh or portrays love and kindess wins my vote. I quote movies often and even when I'm not I don't need help cracking myself up! {Witchy Cackle that also somehow sounds like Scooby-Doo's giggle}

I am constantly amazed by nature and feel so at peace when alone in it. I fully plan on living in a stone cottage in the woods at some point (full-on Strega Nonna style). The military and California taxes aren't making it easy!

I'm obsessed with candles (FULL STOP).

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