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Merry Meet!

Once upon a time, when the Earth was in full Spring, a wonderous woman gave birth to a curious little girl. The child grew to have wild ringlets for hair and irresistibly pinchable cheeks that laid under observant eyes. She embodied a fierce truth in her loving heart and a raging fire in her eager soul. The blood that ran through her veins stretched from Italy, to Mexico and Native America. Everything else that made up this unique being would come from a mixture of heartache, pain, experience, hard work, laughter and unconditional love. She was a patchwork of all the little things and all the special people that would grace her presence along the way. Although, there was one thing that made up every ounce of her existence, she was . . . a Witch! Though, she wouldn't even recognize it until much later. However, there was a darkness that seemed to follow the girl. It was like a lost puppy, clinging to her, begging for attention, draining her energy and causing messes unknown. 

Meanwhile, her childhood was sprinkled throughout the dry hills of East County and the refreshing coast of San Diego. She was constantly surrounded by a boisterous family and a few wonderfully loyal friends that would soon become family. To the naked eye she seemed like every other child her age. Though, that couldn't be farther from the truth. What set her apart from the rest was not that eager Darkness trailing behind, or that she had a dinner table capable of sitting 20 people . . . it was her voice. She may have been quiet when in her thoughts, but no one ever seemed to notice. Whether she was weaving a good story, defending someone in need or simply enjoying good music, she always seemed to be the loudest one around. The volume of her delightful shrieks of joy seemed to rival her roaring arguments of discontent. The only quality matching those intensities was that of her unrelenting determination. 

Hence, these qualities would accompany her creative imagination and seemingly fearless drive. It was the perfect recipe for fast tracking her way through young adulthood. Despite the restless Darkness, graduating High School early meant speeding up her ambitions for everything else. Initiating her higher education and giving her heart away all before her 21st birthday had fueled the inevitable construction of hopes and dreams. However, anything created can be destroyed and that persistent Darkness made sure that it played a part. No sooner than she held her sweet baby boy in her arms did war come knocking on her door. She kissed her love goodbye, but the unfamiliar man who returned no longer held her heart. What was this wretched soul to do with an infant, no vocation and a love story turned Grimm's fairytale?

So, it wasn't until she suffered many years of trial, error, blood and tears that she was finally able to see what beauty life had to offer. She would finish at the top of her class as an Animal Health Technician even despite the Darkness nipping at her heels. Then, she took the last name of a sailor who had a soul like the sea with eyes to match. Soon after she would endure yet another grueling pregnancy and birth a spitfire of a daughter. On the surface things seemed to be working in her favor, but deep inside her something terrible had already dug it's claws deep and made itself at home. She started realizing that the Darkness wasn't the one with a leash around it's neck and when it was already too late she saw that it had a full belly!


Then, after years of being trapped by anxiety, exhaustion, weight gain, depression and everyday pain, to name a few, her medical background lead to self diagnosis. Doctors then confirmed her suspicion that her Darkness had many names. . . . Autoimmune Disease and Genetic Disorders to start. She felt as though these things  were dark destructive forces that had robbed her of her prime years and so much happiness! She wanted to be healthy and happy for herself and her family. She wanted her life to have more meaning than just being a Chronic Illness Patient and that of a loving wife and mother! How can someone with so much vigor not know what her purpose was? How was she supposed to support her family, heal and bring meaning to this Dark journey?

Finally, day by day, everything started to become a little more clear. The fog started to lift and the winds of change brought a refreshing insight. Her love for nature and natural ability to care for all living things, combined with her craving for knowledge and purpose lead her down the path of Paganism and Witchcraft. She knew that she was never "normal" and then vowed to NEVER be! She was too mystical and unique, just like the things she loves to create . . . and so, Mystique was born! A place where she can bring joy to others through her creations, time and support. With a body of a Goddess and the Heart of a Warrior this Witch is learning to tame her Darkness and fights everyday to THRIVE while helping others do the same.

About Lacy Chanell
- Your Helpful Hashi Witch -

Owner Lacy, Your Helpful Hashi Witch
Owner Lacy wearing a witch's hat with a crescent moon on her third eye.

About Mystique

"Home of the Unique"

Mystique is a place where you can find things that are mystical and unique. The shop contains items that cater to Witches, Chronic Illness Warriors, those with alternative Spiritual/Religious views and those without the time or means to make these high quality products themselves. However, there are plenty of goodies that can be enjoyed by all walks of life! Everything in the shop is created in a meaningful way to bring happiness and good health to those who need it.

Mystique is Woman Owned and Operated out of the San Diego area by Lacy Chanell,

All items are designed, created, handmade or hand picked by "Your Helpful Hashi Witch"

(Drop-Ship Item Designs by Lacy Chanell)

About  Haven

"Embrace  the Unique"

After being diagnosed with multiple Diseases and Disorders I felt devastated, confused, lost and lonely. There were sites here and there that caught my eye, but none where I truly felt at home with being a Witch. Haven provides a safe place for Witch's with Chronic Illness and those who support them. It's a place where you can learn, share experiences, vent, make friends and seek joy during a Dark Journey. Anyone is welcome to this community if they feel connected in some way!

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