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Abundance through Togetherness

Here you can find a list of businesses that mean a lot to me! Whether they are owned by my family, friends, or just companies that I love!

Dry Field


Sharing knowledge and resources is an important aspect to a strong community. Helping bring awareness to others so that we can create an abundance of meaningful businesses where we can all be prosperous. I want to help build a more accepting and loving world where EVERYONE CAN THRIVE!!! 

Prepare for Awesomeness

Cupid's Catering Logo

Cupid's Catering

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Gloria Bautista

Tutor Drew Logo

Academic Tutor

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Andrew Quartuccio

Children's Book Cover

Children's Book Author

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Kelly Hartmann

Lea Quartuccio Tattoo Artist

Snoeflinga Tattoo

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Lea Quartuccio

Mary Faust Podcast Host

Life In The Faust Lane

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Mary Faust

Kaitlyn Harrell Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

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Kaitlyn Harrell


Daily Harvest

    Use My Code: RE-3HGHT9G  to get $25 OFF your 1st Box!!!

    Bellantly Logo


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    Ashley Garcia

    Lilly Bee Knits Logo

    Lilly Bee Knits

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    Lauren Akenson

    Amanda Smith Life Coach

    Transformational Life Coaching

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    Amanda Smith

    Joel Quartuccio Vocal Artist

    Vocal Artist

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    Joel Quartuccio

    California Gemstones

    California Gemstones

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    Chuck Partridge


    Thrive Market

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        Use My Code:  LACYEA54  to get 20% OFF your 1st Order!!!

        . . . and Harm None

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