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HEX Grief

HEX Grief

HEXbox filled with goods to support you through loss.


What's Included:

1 Re-usable Hexagon Wooden Latch Box

        - For any of your meaningful items.

5mL Console Essential Oil

        -  Diffuse for comforting aroma and to support emotional healing.

1 "Love is Immortality" Coffin Wood Diffuser

        - For aromatic comfort.

3 Apache Tears Crystals

        -  For Protection, Cleansing and to Facilitate Healing from Grief.

1 Intricate Beeswax Skull Candle

        - To Honor the Deceased and bring Light to your Darkness.

1 Hexing Spell

        - Created by "The Helpful Hashi Witch"


  • *Made from Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils.

    **Crystals are intuitively chosen and may not match those shown in the picture.

    ***Diffuser designed by Lacy Chanell.

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