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Samhain Kit

Samhain Kit

This Samhain Kit can set the perfect ambiance for your Harvest Festival!


What's included:

10 oz. "Samhain" Body Scrub Infused with Harvest Spice Essential Oil

        - To exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

4 oz. "Samhain" Whimsical Waters Bath Salts Infused with Harvest Spice

        Essential Oil, Apple and Star Anise

        - To hydrate the skin and destress the body.

1 Picasso Jasper Witch Hat

        - For Protection, Grounding, Clarity, Facilitating Meditation and help with

          the transformation of relationships you'll make on the other side!

1 "Veil Say Whaaat?" Coffin Wood Diffuser

        - For "On the Go" sensory and aromatic soothing.

3 Black Sabbat Candles 14"

        - For Protection and lighting your way.

1 Re-usable glass vial of All Black Matches

        - For looking absolutely Witchy while lighting candles.

1 Samhain Blessing

        - Created by "The Helpful Hashi Witch"


This kit is a great addition for anyone and especailly those who are seeking products made with minimal ingredients of high quality.

  • *Made with Cerftified Pure Tested Grade essential Oils.

    **Crystals are intuitively chosen and may not match those shown in the picture.

    ***Diffuser designed by Lacy Chanell

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